Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dissertation defense LIVE! March 19th at 1:30pm CST

I was trying to find a way to have my defense broadcasted so that those of my family whom can not make it to my defense would be able to see it. I figured that since I'm streaming it, I could open it up to all those who are interested. So here is how this will work. Google hangouts allows for live streaming directly to a youtube channel that anyone can visit and view. Below are the instructions on how to view it.

1) Go to my youtube channel

2) Click on the entry titled "My Dissertation Defense 3-19-2013 Vanderbilt University" This entry will be posted only an hour before my scheduled defense at 1:30pm CST.

3) This entry will be live streaming when I begin my defense, it will be of the powerpoint slides itself with my voiceover. Note that it will not begin playing until the start of my defense. Also, there is a slight time delay of 3 seconds or so. You may need to refresh your browser if it does not start within the first few minutes past 1:30 CST.

4) After the conclusion of my defense the video will be posted on my youtube channel that you can view at your convenience.

5) If you have any questions during or after my defense you may ask them via twitter, (@liveinsymbiosis), e-mail (, or leave comments on my blog ( and I will answer them; either live or after my defense (most likely after the 20th).


  1. Hey Rob, Kick Butt and have fun!

  2. Excellent! You did both! Very proud of you.

  3. And one more thing Doc....
    Robert M. Brucker, PhD

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